RAD CAPITAL partners have a proven ability to secure proprietary deal flow with significantly above-market profits.

To capture all possible deal flow, RAD CAPITAL offers institutional and qualified investors to invest along with its co-founders and to participate in attractive returns.

Who we are

RAD CAPITAL is a real estate investment platform created by five established professionals in CEE to leverage their combined 180 years of experience across real estate, from residential, commercial and retail development to asset management.

  • Uniquely experienced team based in Prague and Warsaw.
  • Track record of highly profitable projects.
  • Our investment vehicles provide cost efficiency and robust governance for investors.
  • Diverse asset classes.

Established to invest its founders’ as well as external investors’ capital into distinctive opportunities in European real estate markets.

The principals have a unique track record


Total professional real estate experience

bln €

Value of assets currently under development or management

bln €

Developed assets


Typical IRR for development projects

Projects completed in several countries including the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Russia and the UK.

Our investment model

RAD CAPITAL principals
co-invest into all opportunities
management fees
Private equity distribution
waterfall model

The founding partners behind RAD CAPITAL

  • The Group has been successful in office and residential development in the Czech Republic for over 30 years and has developed or acquired over 6,000 apartments and over 150,000 sqm of offices.
  • The Group through its financial partnerships has developed over 100,000 sqm of new residential and commercial space in the Czech Republic and St. Petersburg and renovated almost 100 buildings in the centre of Prague.
  • PSG is a Prague-based investor, developer and asset management company comprising currently 50 real estate professionals. Its flagship is PALLADIUM, a 116.000 sqm shopping mall and office complex in the historic centre of Prague.
Radim Římánek
  • After graduating from Harvard University, Radim joined McKinsey & Company for 8 years working in New York and Europe. He formerly worked as Co-CEO of HB Reavis Group, jointly responsible for growing the group from a regional player to one of the largest commercial developers in the EU.
Steven Davis
  • Steven formerly worked as COO of a publicly held real state group with over 2.5 billion euro under management. He partnered with Goldman Sachs, GE, Pirelli real estate, 29th Street Capital and Grove.

There is a strong team in place


Radim Římánek

Managing Partner
  • Formerly Co-CEO of HB Reavis Group, one of the largest commercial developers in the EU.

Steven Davis

  • Formerly COO of a publicly listed real estate group.

Giovanni Lainati

  • Owner of GLFO, with developments of over 1,000,000 sqm in CEE and Italy.



  • Jiri Steiner
  • Vladimir Genci
  • Krzysztof Wroblewski

Asset management

  • Karin Hopfgartner
  • Veronika Smejkalová


  • Roberto Massa
  • Martin Dlasek
  • Elzbieta Matlosz


  • Lukas Marysko
  • Wlodzimierz Zahuta
  • Patrik Ferkl

RAD CAPITAL principals are behind the largest projects in Prague and elsewhere

Smíchov city

  • Second largest development in Prague
  • 50% partner with Sekyra Group
  • 350,000 sqm multi-use development

Rohan city

  • Third largest development in Prague
  • 50% partner with Sekyra Group
  • 280,000 sqm multi-use development

City west (západní město)

  • Largest development in Prague (over 500,000 sqm)
  • 3,500 apartments and 200,000 sqm of offices


  • 115,000 sqm shopping and office center in the heart of Prague
  • Awards for best retail in Europe


  • 215,000 sqm logistic center, 1 km from downtown Warsaw
  • 170,000 sqm office park

Logistics portfolio

  • Four centers totalling 310,000 sqm under development